Tundra Anojakka
winter anorak

Expand your limits

With a background from mushing and expeditions, we have used our 20 years of experience to develop a range of high quality clothing for extreme outdoor use. We have combined solid materials, functional solutions and innovative designs. During the years of development we have cooperated with several persons from the professional test team from our sister company, Non-Stop Dogwear. Our first product is a state of the art jacket, called “Jakka”. Our equipment will help you to expand your limits in raw and wild nature.

“It is often the small details that can determine whether the trip will be successful or not”

Product Developer, Explorer and Musher

Our product developers and designers are accomplished adventurers, athletes or professional dog mushers. Some of them even have vast arctic experience. We develop all the products in Norway.

Tested by professionals

Non-stop polar has a professional team of athletes who test the products under extreme conditions. Our team athletes are constantly helping us to improve our equipment; testing new models, giving feedback on existing equipment and telling us about their needs. This helps us as a company move forward and create the best possible adventure gear for you.

“During the entire race Jakka kept my body warm, so I could keep a clear head”

3x World Champion. The only musher in the world who has stood on the podium in all disciplines in dog mushing. Birgitte used a prototype model of Jakka in Finnmarksløpet 1200 race 2018.