Through Non- stop dogwear we have learnt how important the smallest details are for helping dogs to reach their full potential. We have been working closely with some of the world’s best dog mushers, and have become aware of how equipment can influence the experience and feeling left behind. Through quality and details, we want to help people to reach their potential and expand their limits in raw and wild nature. We want people to get the maximum out of their trips and expeditions regardless of the weather.  Non-stop uses innovative, functional and smart equipment with long-lasting solutions. We transform the experience gained world wide into our products, and develop with passion for the extreme outdoors.

We have started to develop products from the mushers perspective, but we quickly realized that many of us have the same needs as the mushers. Our explanation for why mushers are a good starting point for producing extreme clothes.

Every day the mushers face extreme conditions. They experience a great variation in temperature and activity levels, from standing still on the sled to running beside the sled in steep hills.The clothing should not reduce the freedom of movement in any way. They need to have clothing that lasts. Longevity is tested through a consistent amount of usage with dogs jumping on them, hard nature environments and everyday use. The clothing needs to have big pockets and practical details that can be used even wearing mittens. Our goal is to develop clothing that is tested in the most extreme situations because the quality and the details that will be a part of the products will be beneficial also for people in all levels of outdoor activities both with or without dogs.

The Non-stop polar team

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