Throughout the race our production team was in close contact with our athletes and vets, this contact helped us create ideas for minor changes, but ultimately when the race was finished, the design team and prototype testers had a meeting to discuss the Jacket in depth. There was plenty of positive feedback and an overall confirmation of a great product.

None of the Mushers nor the Vets felt cold or unprotected while wearing the Jakka. Both mushers and Vets commented on the large pockets and the positioning of them and how helpful they were.

“I’m generally a cold blooded person, but the Jakka provided me with enough warmth in the ice cold Finnmark. The temperatures dropped to minus 40 and the Jakka was up to the task . It has endless pockets for almost everything. I carried veterinary equipment, my mobile phones and extra gloves.” 

One of 30 veterinarians that tested the prototype model of Jakka during Finnmarksløpet 2018

One innovative idea that came from the testing was the camelback storage inside the jacket. Also the possibility of a sewed on fur rough or wind stopper that would be attached to the hood.

Overall everyone was more than happy with the quality of the Jacket, and how effectively it worked in the toughest conditions and all agreed the Jakka would be used and loved by adventurers and outdoors people worldwide.