Meet our Product Developer Sebastian Plur Nilssen

What gave you the motivation for this project?

My first experience with freezing properly was when I was 12 years of age. I was alone on a camping trip in midwinter on the polar plateau with my dog Felix. I froze all night, and realized then for the first time how the equipment affects the experience. The equipment I used in those early days was poor quality, but as I obtained better equipment and more experience, I also got more out of the trips and the boundaries could be pushed. It is often the small details that can determine whether the trip will be successful or not.

Why did you design the Jakka?

For many years I have recognised a need for a good dog racing jacket, so I decided to sew my own. After a lot of work and adjustments along the way, with extensive testing in collaboration with several of the world’s best dog mushers, Jakka is now ready for the public.

You are currently working as a product developer, but you are also a musher and explorer, can you elaborate?

I have been on several multi day expeditions and dog races in the Arctic regions. For the last 10 years I have developed and produced dog equipment for several of the world’s best dog mushers through Non-stop dogwear. Dog mushers have an extreme lifestyle day in day out with massive variations in temperature and activity levels. The musher will stand still on the sled for hours and then run for kilometers uphill. They need sturdy clothes that can withstand wear from dogs’ claws and twigs without the weight becoming too much. Large pockets and practical details that can be used with mittens and equipment are also an advantage. All the information I have gathered from my adventures I continue to use to design our products.

Favorite excursion? What’s your next dream?

Hardangervidda, Norway!
And I want to go back to Chukotka!

“It is often the small details that can determine whether the trip will be successful or not”

– Sebastian Plur Nilssen Product Developer, explorer and musher

Interesting fact about Sebastian

In 2007 Sebastian was attacked by a polar bear whilst embarking on expedition ‘Svalbard 360’. Sebastian and a friend attempted to be the first in the world to paddle the 2,000 kilometers around Svalbard, which consists of the islands of Spitsbergen, Nordaustlandet, Edgeøya and Barentsøya, as well as numerous smaller islands. While the two paddlers were asleep, the polar bear came into the tent and attacked Sebastian. He was pulled out of the tent from the bear biting his upper body and then dragged 40 meters above the beach. His friend found their gun, shot and killed the 360kg polar bear and provided first aid until help could arrive.