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We didn’t want to just create another beanie, we wanted to create something unique and special. So we came up with the idea to combine our comfortable fitting insulation with state of the art reflective yarn. The Reflection Beanie will keep your head warm and you visible and safe. The combination of wool and acrylic gives you a beanie that will stay dry and warm while wicking moisture away. We have two colours that will match our existing Jakka range.


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360° Safety

We used special reflective yarn in parts of the Reflection Beanie to give you 360° of safety all around your head. It´s like a lighthouse on the coast, but this one sits on your head!


Strategically placed fleece offers you warmth and a cosy feeling, but to allow for better breathability we didn´t cover all of the inside with fleece.


The colour palette of the Reflection Beanie fits perfectly to our Non-stop polar Jakka.

Reflection Beanie across the globe

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Technical details



  • 50% wool
  • 50% acrylic
  • Polyester fleece
  • Reflective yarn
  • Unisize
  • Knitted by Satila in Sweden


  1. Orest

    I bought it for fun (because the text “Non Stop Polar”), but I was positively surprised by the quality and functionality of such a simple wear element as beanie. It is soft from inside , keeps your head warm, and it has a great reflective function – you will be seen in the car lights in the dark time of the day.

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