ARCTIC VOTTA expedition mittens

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Expedition mittens to keep your hands warm in extreme cold.

Arctic Votta is designed with space grade technology to keep your hands warm when temperatures are extreme and likely to drop below -20 centigrade.

We have made our mittens with dog mushing in mind, but they will serve anyone who is out for a cold adventure, for example, riding a snowmobile.

These mittens go over the gloves you usually use when it is cold outside, and are large sized.

Arctic Votta utilizes 3mm Aerogel and PrimaLoft. Aerogel is a space-grade technology used by NASA; it has the highest insulation properties known to man. Also, the Arctic Votta has a layer with 800 fill power goose down. Wear exposed surface is reinforced with durable goat leather, so you can feel confident they will serve for years to come.

The mittens are very long and have adjustment options on the wrist and arm. A down-filled baffle locks the warm air inside the mitten. On the outside, there are multiple loops for attaching the mittens to a lanyard.

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Tested by Dallas Seavey

We are lucky to have the best-qualified experts put our products to the test. Alaskan musher, Dallas Seavy, has won Iditarod 4 times, among the toughest races on earth.


Tightens around the wrist and arm. It is easy to adjust when wearing the mittens, as the adjustment cords tighten on one side and loosen on the opposite.

Attachment loops

Attach the mittens to a lanyard, and avoid losing them on the ground when you take them off.

Nose wipe

Soft and comfortable material


Surfaces exposed to wear are reinforced with smooth and durable goat leather.

Extreme insulation

The world’s most effective insulating material, Aerogel, is used inside the Arctic Votta. A whopping 3mm layer is used on the palms. Down-filled baffles trap the warm air inside and keeps cold air from creeping in.

Snow lock

Hook and loop tape to enclose the mittens and avoid snow getting inside when not in use.

Votta across the globe

Ready for cold winter days/nights on the sled. Excited to test my new gloves.

Klar for de kalde dagene/nettene på sleden. Spent å teste mine nye hansker.

Bereit für die kalten Tage/Nächte auf dem Schlitten. Sehr gespannt meine neuen Handschuhe zu testen.
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Technical Details


  • PrimaLoft insulation
  • Goose down (800 fill power)
  • 3mm Aerogel in palms
  • Not watertight
  • Hypalon
  • Goat leather


Size and fit

How to measure?
Measure the length of your hands from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist. Measure over your thumb to get circumference around your hand.

Arctic Votta Size Chart
Sizes s m l
Length hand 15-17 cm 17-19 cm 19-22 cm
Circumference hand 16-18 cm 17-21 cm 20-24 cm


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