Warranty Information

What is the warranty of the polar products?

All Non-stop polar products have a 5-year warranty on production and material defects.

What can I do if I have a question about warranty for my product?

Send us a email with the filled out warranty claim and a photo of the product or damage info@non-stoppolar.com
Download warranty claim here

What is not a warranty issue?

Damage caused by you or what is not directly related to manufacturing issues.

What’s important to do before I return the product?
  1. All warranty claims must be clarified before they can be approved.
  2. Fill out the warranty claim you get by mail
  3. The product must be washed before you send it in
  4. Pay for postage
Should I send a picture if I have a fault or issue with my product?

Yes! It will make the whole process faster. Send to info@non-stoppolar.com

Do I have to send you the used product, if I have a fault with my product

We will instruct you with further instructions once we have received the warranty claim by mail.

Replace or repair my product?

Depends on the damage, but primary we repair products.

Repair Information

Can you repair my Non-stop polar product?

Yes, we offer repair services. For further information and pricing please contact info@non-stoppolar.com